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Trademark Class 40: Treatment of Materials Services

This trademark class has to do with the treatment or transformation of materials.  This “treatment” usually involves chemical or mechanical processing, but it can also include transformation of organic products. 

Trademark Class 31: Natural Agricultural Goods
Building a business is hard work. In order to...
K-1 Visa Interview Questions

USCIS wants to avoid granting visas based on sham marriages and fake relationships. To make sure your interview goes as smoothly as possible, prepare by reviewing the questions below.

Trademark Class 2: Paints

This article covers class 2 of the international trademark classes. Class 2 includes paints, varnished, lacquers, and more.

Virginia Personal Injury Claims and the Statute of Limitations

In most Virginia personal injury cases, you only have 2 years from the date you discover your injury to file a personal injury claim.

Danger in TPS Countries Compared to Central America

Deporting foreign citizens to countries suffering from civil strife and natural disaster usually violates the American conscience.

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How to Get a Green Card Through Marriage

If you’re a foreign citizen married to a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States, your husband or wife can sponsor you to apply for a green card.

Military Service and Marriage & Fiancé Visas

The United States government tries to help family members of military personnel, but the inherent complications accommodating a military schedule and deployments can make the process difficult.

What Evidence Does My Immigration Attorney Need for My P-1 Athlete Visa?

The evidence you submit with your application will prove your purpose for entering the United States: to compete in professional athletics.

Law Talk Episode 4: Murray v. Oliver and Free Speech
In this weeks episode of Law Talk, we take a look at a current free speech controversy. The podcast transcript follows below, as normal. During the episode we mentioned some documents, and a Youtube video. They are posted here, before the podcast transcript....
Current Processing Times for EB-5 Visas

EB-5 visa processing times may fluctuate. China currently has a backlog for EB-5 visas processing times. Current processing time appears to be about 7 months.

What is Adjustment of Status?
Whatever your legal status while residing in the United States, adjustment of status refers to the process of changing your status to that of permanent residency, and obtaining your green card, from within the U.S. You must have been inspected at the border and be...






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