[eBook] Adjustment of Status for Immediate Relatives: Public Charge Simplified

An Overview of the New Public Charge Grounds for Inadmissibility (2020)

By: Jacob Tingen, Ben Williams, and Trent Powell | Published on July 27th, 2020

In light of the Trump administration’s recent changes to how the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services interpret the public charge ground of inadmissibility, our firm has decided to create a guide that explains the changes to the immediate relative petition process and, more importantly, how these changes will affect applications for our clients.

This eBook is not intended to be a “how-to” guide to the process, but, rather, a broad overview of what the average applicant needs to know in order to hold an informed conversation with their attorney about the subject.

For this reason, the first several chapters of this eBook focus on explaining the basics of immediate relative petitions and how they are affected by the new Final Rule, while the later portions of the eBook will answer frequently asked questions and provide detailed information about the required forms and evidence that you’ll need to collect for your application.

In this 55-page eBook you’ll learn about the following:

  • Chapter 1: A Brief History of Immigration Law and the Public Charge Rule
  • Chapter 2: Immediate Relative Petition Basics
  • Chapter 3: The Final Rule on Public Charge Grounds of Inadmissibility
  • Chapter 4: 10 Public Charge Factors USCIS Will Consider in Your Case
  • Chapter 5: How Tingen & Williams is Working to Make This Process Easier
  • Chapter 6: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Glossary of Important Immigration Terms
  • Required Forms for Immediate Relative Petitions
  • Required Documents and Evidence to Include in Your Application

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