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When it comes to family law disputes, you want a lawyer you can trust. Our attorneys represent clients with a broad range of problems, from divorce proceedings to custody, spousal support, visitation, and other family law matters. 

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Popular Virginia Family Law Articles

Below we link to our website’s most popular family law articles. Our knowledge base of legal articles helps more than 300,000 site visitors annually.

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Virginia's Bed and Board Divorce: A Useful Shortcut

Filing for a divorce from bed and board is a great way of speeding up your divorce process, and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

What are the Basics of Child Support in Virginia?

Parents in Virginia not only have an obligation, but a legal duty to ensure the proper care of their children.

Child Support in Virginia: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding Virginia’s child support laws can help you fulfill your duty to your children, and keep you out of legal trouble down the road.

How to Appeal a Virginia Custody Order

Before you appeal a custody order in Virginia, you need to understand the basics of the appellate process.

Virginia Custody: Moving to Another State

Moving from Virginia to another state may impact your child custody agreement. Consider the questions explained in this article before you move.

The Virginia Divorce Process: A 6 Step Guide

In this guide, we cover the basics of the Virginia divorce process, and break down these basics in a 6 step example of Virginia’s uncontested divorce process.

The Virginia Contested Divorce Process

Couples unable to agree on issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support, visitation, or property division may need to go through the Virginia contested divorce process.

How to Evict Your Spouse so you can File for Divorce

Legally separating from your spouse in order to obtain a divorce is an uncomfortable situation, but there are options you can pursue that can help with the process.

Protective Orders in Virginia: The Ultimate Guide

Protective orders can help prevent future crimes against victims of abuse, stalking, and other forms of violence.

7 Ways to Fight a Protective Order in Virginia

If you’ve been falsely served with a protective order, there are a few legal steps you can take to clear your name.

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