Access is a subscription retainer service that lets you to hire an attorney for only $29.00 / month. Get answers to your legal questions with Access!

Founded to Promote Access to Justice

What is Access?

Throughout the United States, low- and middle-income Americans don’t really have access to our legal system for a variety of reasons.

Courts and their procedures aren’t the easiest things in the world to figure out, and judges, lawyers, and government bureaucracies use a special legal vocabulary that can literally take years to study, learn, and master.

For these reasons, and others, some legal processes require you to hire a lawyer to make sure your rights and interests are protected.

But hiring a lawyer can be very expensive.

Enter Access: By providing a monthly subscription model, Tingen & Williams is able to provide access to justice to subscriber clients who can receive monthly consults, monthly document review, regular legal coaching, and more!

For more complicated legal matters, we provide legal services at a 25% discount off our standard hourly rate.

We feel this subscriber model helps us give access to justice to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it, and help them find solutions to the 1 to 6 legal problems the average American encounters each year.

We hope you sign up for Access, and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got access to justice.

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Jacob Tingen

Managing Partner, Tingen & Williams, PLLC

Our flagship retainer agreement, Individual Access gives our subscribers peace of mind by providing coverage for some of the most common legal needs encountered by individuals throughout the year. 

Take your work to the next level by subscribing to our custom-tailored legal subscription service for content creators and streamers.

Small business owners encounter more legal needs than most people. Sign up for Small Business Access to make sure you’re prepared for the common legal problems that arise as you operate and grow your business.

Additional Services

Add-On Retainer Agreements

The following retainers are provided as add-ons to Individual Access. To sign up for any of the Add-on services below, first subscribe to Individual Access.

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Home Business Add-On

These days, businesses are launched from garages, basements, and coffee shops. If you’re just getting started and want to be ready for what lies ahead, subscribe to the Home Business Supplement.

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Trial Add-On

Individual Access includes a limited number of trial hours. The Trial Add-on provides coverage for an additional set of trial preparation and trial hours in the event you are a party to civil litigation.

Need More Info?

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Access is a totally new service, many people have questions about how it works. Check out some answers to the most common questions we get about Access below!

After subscribing to a particular Access product, you can log in to our website and find answers to common legal questions, a growing bank of resources we’re providing solely to Access subscribers, as well as assistance with legal issues that fit within your subscription.

For representation that goes beyond what’s included in your subscription, our firm may provide those services at a 25% discount off our standard rates.

That depends on what you retain us for. We currently offer two different Access plans (for Individuals and Small Businesses) as well as two add-on subscriptions which provide additional benefits.

In order to understand what your specific plan covers, you’ll need to read that plan’s specific terms and limitations.

We want each Access subscriber to know what they’re getting, so feel free to reach out with questions before you sign up. If it’s not included in your True Retainer agreement, our firm may also provide those services at a 25% discount off our standard rates.

In their book, Lawyers and Other People’s Money, the Virginia State Bar clarifies that lawyers mostly deal with two kinds of money: earned fees and advanced legal fees.

Most of the time, when lawyers and clients talk about retainers, they’re actually talking about “advanced legal fees,” i.e., money that hasn’t yet been earned by the attorney.

However, a True Retainer is considered earned because it is paid to secure the attorney’s availability for representation in the future.

All Access subscriptions are True Retainers because they are paid to secure our services for legal needs that might arise in the future.

Some do. However, we are the first Virginia law firm we know of to provide True Retainer subscriptions at this scale.

Tingen & Williams has always tried to push the boundaries of making legal services more accessible and affordable through technology, and Access is simply an extension of this commitment.

We know that access to justice is a significant problem, and we know that many good lawyers in many firms and organizations are doing what they can to make legal services more affordable.

Access is our way of making it easier for Virginia residents to receive access to justice.

Legal Shield is a company that connects its subscribers to independent law firms and provider attorneys. Legal Shield is not a law firm and it does not provide legal services.

The same is true for most other service providers operating in this space.

Tingen & Williams, PLLC is a Virginia-based law firm. So when you sign up for Access, you actually have a law firm on retainer, not a subscription to a legal directory.