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Law Talk Episode 3: 4th Amendment Rights Continued

Jacob Tingen: Welcome to Law Talk with Tingen and Williams. My name is Jacob Tingen and I'm here with Jonathan Jordan, again one of the partners at our law firm. Two weeks ago, we discussed Fourth amendment rights, and today we'd like to revisit that topic, so...

Law Talk Episode 2: Stalker Laws (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Jacob Tingen: Okay, welcome to Law Talk with Tingen and Williams and we're doing this every Wednesday at around 11 AM. So you can call in for free legal consult. Tingen and Williams is a law firm here locally in Richmond, Virginia. And we do practice areas from...

Law Talk Episode 1: 4th Amendment Rights

Jacob Tingen: Hello there. Welcome to the first ever episode of Law Talk with Tingen & Williams. My name is Jacob Tingen with the law firm Tingen & Williams. I'm here with one of my partners, Jonathan Jordan. Jonathan Jordan: How's it going? Jacob Tingen: Good...

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