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Law Talk Episode 11: Current Events in U.S. Immigration

Andrew Michael: Cool. Jacob Tingen: You kick us off, man. Andrew Michael: I'm kicking us off? Jacob Tingen: Sure. Andrew Michael: All right. Today is Wednesday morning. We are gonna start law talk. Today we're talking about immigration,...

Law Talk Episode 10: Fault-based Divorce in Virginia

Jacob Tingen: Okay, welcome to Law Talk with Tingen and Williams. We're back another week with Jonathan Jordan, who is the partner at Tingen and Williams over our family law practice. Last week, we talked about a number of issues, including child custody and divorce....

Law Talk Episode 9: Virginia Family Law

Jacob Tingen: Hello, and welcome to Law Talk with Tingen & Williams. This is Jacob Tingen, and I am here with Jonathan Jordan. Jonathan Jordan: Good morning. Jacob Tingen: He's one of the partners, and the partner of our family law practice. Today, for Law Talk...

Law Talk Episode 8: Electronic Discovery

Jacob Tingen: Thank you and welcome to Law Talk. We're here today with Trent Powell. And we are discussing today for Law Talk about discovery in litigation and lawsuits and how that works. So this is Law Talk with Tingen and Williams. We do free consults every...

Law Talk Episode 7: Family-based Immigration

Jacob Tingen: Welcome to Law Talk with Tingen & Williams. We haven't done this for a couple of weeks because of snow and weather, and a couple of other things, but we are happy to be back, and happy to be talking to you today with my partner, Ben Williams. Ben...

Law Talk Episode 6: How to Hire an Attorney

Jacob Tingen: Welcome to Law Talk with Tingen & Williams. It is Wednesday, March 14th, approximately 11 AM. So give us a call. We're available here on Facebook live. You can just give a comment on Facebook and we'll respond to it. Or you can call in at...

Law Talk Episode 5: 4th Amendment Rights and House Searches

Jacob Tingen: Welcome to Law Talk where every week attorneys from Tingen & Williams will answer your legal questions. And in the meantime while we are waiting for questions on Facebook Live or phone calls, we'll be talking about different legal topics. For a...

Law Talk Episode 4: Murray v. Oliver and Free Speech

In this weeks episode of Law Talk, we take a look at a current free speech controversy. The podcast transcript follows below, as normal. During the episode we mentioned some documents, and a Youtube video. They are posted here, before the podcast transcript....

Law Talk 23 – Collateral Consequences

In today’s episode of Law Talk, we discuss the collateral effects of criminal convictions in the U.S., such as deportation and loss of housing and benefits.

Law Talk 22 – Virginia Larceny Laws

In today’s episode of Law Talk we formally introduce Jennifer and Jessica, the two new attorneys at our firm! We’ll also go over Virginia’s larceny laws.

Law Talk 21 – Personal Injury Law

Have you ever experienced an injury at work or in a car accident? If so, then you should know the basics of personal injury law in Virginia.

Law Talk 20: Deportation Procedures

In this episode of Law Talk, Ben and Andrew discuss the various steps of the deportation process, from arrest procedures to actual deportation.

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