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Law Talk 31 – Family Based Immigrant Visas

In today’s episode of Law Talk, Trent and Andrew discuss the basics of the family-based visa process, from filing the I-130 to adjusting your status after entering the United States!

Law Talk 29 – Asylum Claims

In today’s episode of Law Talk, Ben and Andrew discuss the intricacies of U.S. asylum claims, using the caravan from Central America as a practical example of the process.

Law Talk 27: DUI Laws in Virginia

In today’s episode of Law Talk, Jessica and Andrew cover all of the basics of DUI charges in Virginia, from the potential fines, jail time, and license loss.

Law Talk 24 – ICE Raid Procedures

If ICE raids your home or workplace, you should remember that you have certain rights they must honor. This podcast covers the basics of ICE raid procedures.

Law Talk 23 – Collateral Consequences

In today’s episode of Law Talk, we discuss the collateral effects of criminal convictions in the U.S., such as deportation and loss of housing and benefits.

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