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Law Talk Episode 10: Fault-based Divorce in Virginia

Jacob Tingen: Okay, welcome to Law Talk with Tingen and Williams. We're back another week with Jonathan Jordan, who is the partner at Tingen and Williams over our family law practice. Last week, we talked about a number of issues, including child custody and divorce....

Law Talk Episode 9: Virginia Family Law

Jacob Tingen: Hello, and welcome to Law Talk with Tingen & Williams. This is Jacob Tingen, and I am here with Jonathan Jordan. Jonathan Jordan: Good morning. Jacob Tingen: He's one of the partners, and the partner of our family law practice. Today, for Law Talk with...

Law Talk Episode 8: Electronic Discovery

Jacob Tingen: Thank you and welcome to Law Talk. We're here today with Trent Powell. And we are discussing today for Law Talk about discovery in litigation and lawsuits and how that works. So this is Law Talk with Tingen and Williams. We do free consults every...

Law Talk Episode 7: Family-based Immigration

Jacob Tingen: Welcome to Law Talk with Tingen & Williams. We haven't done this for a couple of weeks because of snow and weather, and a couple of other things, but we are happy to be back, and happy to be talking to you today with my partner, Ben Williams. Ben...

Law Talk Episode 6: How to Hire an Attorney

Jacob Tingen: Welcome to Law Talk with Tingen & Williams. It is Wednesday, March 14th, approximately 11 AM. So give us a call. We're available here on Facebook live. You can just give a comment on Facebook and we'll respond to it. Or you can call in at 804-477-1720....

Law Talk Episode 5: 4th Amendment Rights and House Searches

Jacob Tingen: Welcome to Law Talk where every week attorneys from Tingen & Williams will answer your legal questions. And in the meantime while we are waiting for questions on Facebook Live or phone calls, we'll be talking about different legal topics. For a couple of...

Law Talk Episode 4: Murray v. Oliver and Free Speech

In this weeks episode of Law Talk, we take a look at a current free speech controversy. The podcast transcript follows below, as normal. During the episode we mentioned some documents, and a Youtube video. They are posted here, before the podcast transcript....

Law Talk Episode 3: 4th Amendment Rights Continued

Jacob Tingen: Welcome to Law Talk with Tingen and Williams. My name is Jacob Tingen and I'm here with Jonathan Jordan, again one of the partners at our law firm. Two weeks ago, we discussed Fourth amendment rights, and today we'd like to revisit that topic, so...

Law Talk Episode 2: Stalker Laws (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Jacob Tingen: Okay, welcome to Law Talk with Tingen and Williams and we're doing this every Wednesday at around 11 AM. So you can call in for free legal consult. Tingen and Williams is a law firm here locally in Richmond, Virginia. And we do practice areas from...

Law Talk Episode 1: 4th Amendment Rights

Jacob Tingen: Hello there. Welcome to the first ever episode of Law Talk with Tingen & Williams. My name is Jacob Tingen with the law firm Tingen & Williams. I'm here with one of my partners, Jonathan Jordan. Jonathan Jordan: How's it going? Jacob Tingen: Good to see...

The Principal and Supplemental Registers

Learn the difference between the Principal and Supplemental trademark registers maintained by the USPTO. Listen to Ben Williams and Jacob Tingen as they discuss strategies for registering your mark.

Disparaging Trademarks

Avoiding immoral, scandalous, and disparaging trademarks can help you develop a brand that is legally strong.

Trademark Priority

Trademark law gives rights to the person who used the trademark first, not the person who registered it first. Be aware of your rights and learn how to avoid priority problems.

Color In Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know you can trademark a color? Color can play a huge factor in your designs and marketing materials, and should be a consideration as you brand yourself.

Prepare Ahora para Acción Diferida

Prepárese hoy para aprovechar de la acción diferida, llame a los abogados de Tingen, PLLC. 804-477-1720. Escuche al podcast para aprender como esta acción ejecutiva puede aplicar en su situación.

Why Should I Do a Trademark Search?

Doing a trademark search will not only give you peace of mind as you move forward with trademark registration, it’s an opportunity to examine your brand and enhance your marketing strategy.

Immigration Detention by Default

Harsh and militaristic enforcement of immigration law is a product of an early 2000 response to 9/11. Humane alternatives to detention are available that can also help us maintain a secure border.

When to use ™ Versus ®

This podcast goes over some basic guidance as to when you should use ™ versus the more official ®. We also go over the purpose of the Supplemental Trademark Register.

Immigration and the Border

If you’ve ever wondered what’s happening at the Texas/Mexico border, this podcast is for you. We briefly review some of the procedures that happen at the border related to asylum claims and credible fear.

Choosing a Legally Strong Trademark

Choosing a brand or business name is important and can affect your product line for years. Find out how you can choose a legally strong name from the beginning.

The U Visa for Victims of Crime

If you are an immigrant who has been the victim of a crime within the United States, you may be eligible to apply for a U Visa.

Un Repaso de Acción Diferida

El programa de acción diferida hace posible que algunos que han vivido en los estados unidos como jóvenes pueden recibir permiso de trabajar, estudiar, y manejar.

A Review of Deferred Action

The Deferred Action program gives a work permit to youths who graduated high school in the United States and who are currently present without lawful status.

Inmigración y la Acción Ejecutiva

Presidente Obama ha prometido tomar acción ejecutiva sobre inmigración después de la elección. Aprende como esta acción puede afectarle en su situación.

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