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Everything You Need to Know about the EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 is a conditional visa that requires a significant investment with a U.S.-based business, usually made through an accredited regional center.

How Will the Matter of Castro-Tum Affect My Removal Proceedings?

Now that Jeff Sessions’ Matter of Castro-Tum decision is starting to play out in the courts, it’s worth reviewing what this order actually does.

What is the National Visa Center (NVC)?

While the NVC may seem like an unnecessary and time-consuming step in obtaining your fiancé visa, it actually makes the process more efficient.

Can I Lose My Citizenship After Naturalization?

Once you naturalize and become a United States citizen you should have no problem keeping your citizenship status.

What English Vocabulary Do I Need to Know to Pass the U.S. Citizenship Exam?

This exam is designed to test your ability to read and write the English language, and it’s important that you’re prepared for, and do well on, the exam.

What is the P Visa for Entertainers and Athletes?

The P visa is available to athletes that would like to enter the U.S. to perform at an athletic event, as well as nationally-recognized entertainment companies.

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