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Virginia Child Inheritance

Child inheritances, unequal distribution, and everything else you’ll need to consider when planning your estate.

Immigration and Executive Action

President Obama has promised to take action after the November elections. Listen to the audio to discover what might happen.

U.S. Green Card Versus U.S. Citizenship: Is it Worth it to Naturalize?

In this article we compare the pros and cons of becoming a U.S. citizen, and whether or not it’s worth it to naturalize.

Will My Fiancé Have to Pass a Background Check to Get a Green Card?

While this may sound like a bit much and may take some time, all green card applicants must undergo and pass a background investigation.

Evaluating EB-5 Regional Centers: Where Should I Invest My Money?

Working with an EB-5 Regional Center is, in most cases, safer than a direct investment in a new business enterprise. This article will go over the process of finding the right Regional Center for your financial situation.

What is Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS)?
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) was...

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Virginia Power of Attorney

Your estate plan should cover more than your estate. Granting power of attorney will help you protect yourself during your time of need.

Trademark Class 18: Leather

Class 18 has to do with leather goods and imitation leather goods.

Virginia Divorce Mediation: What You Need to Know

Virginia divorce mediation is an option that may be less expensive, less stressful, less time-consuming, and less harmful to children than the traditional courtroom drama.

Virginia Conspiracy Laws and Protecting your Brand

If your small business receives purposefully damaging or malicious reviews online, there are several steps you can take to rectify the situation.


Welcome to the United States, we’ll make your immigration process easy.

Choosing a Legally Strong Trademark

Choosing a brand or business name is important and can affect your product line for years. Find out how you can choose a legally strong name from the beginning.







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