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What is the F-1 Student Visa?
It is no secret that the United States has a...
Can a Tattoo Count as a Legally Binding Contract?
The rules surrounding contracts in Virginia can be confusing at times, and actually have several loopholes. For example, you can actually tattoo a contract.
Trademark Class 30: Bread, Baking Ingredients, Coffee & Tea

Trademark Class 30 offers protections to brands which sell many common processed plant products, from bread and flour to pizzas, sandwiches, coffee, and tea.

Children in Your Virginia Estate Plan

Making a Virginia estate plan for your children is an important step to securing your family’s future.

Law Talk 16: New Areas of Practice

In today’s episode of Law Talk, Andrew and Jacob chat about some cool new areas of law that Tingen & Williams will be growing into over the coming months!

What is a Virginia Property Settlement Agreement?

In Virginia, property settlement agreements are an extremely useful way to expedite and streamline a divorce, allowing the couple to settle on their own terms.

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