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Virginia Afterborn & Illegitimate Inheritance

The law regarding illegitimate heirs has evolved over time in Virginia.

What Are the Vaccination Requirements for a Fiancé Visa?

The medical exam that you are required to submit with your permanent residency application will include a review of your vaccination record. You should bring a record of the vaccines you have already received to your medical exam.

What If My Fiancé Needs an Immigration Waiver?

If your fiancé falls under one of these circumstances and their immigration application has been denied, they can apply for an I-601 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility.

When Can I Apply for United States Citizenship?

You must be a Permanent Resident of the United States for a certain period of time before applying for United States citizenship

Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act: The Ultimate Guide

Virginia’s Freedom of Information act allows residents to request public information from government bodies, as well as attend certain government meetings.

Virginia Single Member Limited Liability Company

A Single Member Limited Liability Company is an easy, cheap, and tax-friendly method of legitimizing your business while protecting your personal assets.

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B-1 and B-2 Visitor Visas

Foreign individuals who want to conduct short-term business in the U.S. generally apply for B-1 visas. B-2 visas apply to more social events.

What is Visa Fraud and How Do I Avoid It?

The most basic answer is “be honest.” Full disclosure is the best policy when dealing with the United States government.

Virginia Multi-Member Limited Liability Company
Virginia Limited Liability Company A Virginia limited liability company (LLC) is a business entity that, in part, resembles both a partnership and a corporation. An LLC can have one or multiple owners, or "members" who share an interest in the business. Not all LLCs...
What If My Immigrant Fiancé Has a Criminal History?

Your fiancé’s criminal records affect on their ability to immigrate to the United States depends on several different factors.

Who Can Come to My U.S. Citizenship Oath Ceremony?

USCIS does not release information dictating how many guest someone may bring, but there will be other factors that may affect whether all of your guests will be allowed to attend.

The 7 Different Types of Virginia Wills

A Virginia will is a legal document that specifies who receives what when you pass away. Thus, it’s important to know which kind of will is best for your circumstances.







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