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Virginia Multi-Member Limited Liability Company
Virginia Limited Liability Company A Virginia...
Why Smart Parents Make Their Own Child Support Agreements
In Virginia, it is often a good idea for...
Virginia Single Member Limited Liability Company

A Single Member Limited Liability Company is an easy, cheap, and tax-friendly method of legitimizing your business while protecting your personal assets.

What If My Fiancé is Inadmissible to the United States?

With such a variety of reasons to be found inadmissible it is not uncommon. Being found inadmissible is not a death sentence to your immigration process; however, some grounds of inadmissibility are more difficult to overcome than others.

Virginia’s Odd Spitting Law

Virginia has one very specific law on the books to help prevent spitting in public spaces. Doing so can lead to fines and a mark on your criminal record.

Virginia Power of Attorney

Your estate plan should cover more than your estate. Granting power of attorney will help you protect yourself during your time of need.

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5 Things to Remember When Filing Immigration Applications

Throughout the immigration process, you’re going to be handling a lot of documents.

EB-5 Business Plans and Matter of Ho

USCIS business plans are based on a 1998 precedent decision “Matter of Ho”. In this article we’ll talk about the standards set in this case.

Law Talk Episode 2: Stalker Laws (Happy Valentine’s Day!)
Jacob Tingen: Okay, welcome to Law Talk with Tingen and Williams and we're doing this every Wednesday at around 11 AM. So you can call in for free legal consult. Tingen and Williams is a law firm here locally in Richmond, Virginia. And we do practice areas from...
Law Talk 23 – Collateral Consequences

In today’s episode of Law Talk, we discuss the collateral effects of criminal convictions in the U.S., such as deportation and loss of housing and benefits.

Everything You Need to Know about the EB-2 Visa

The EB-2 visa allows specialized workers with graduate degrees or significant experience in their fields to permanently live and work in the United States.

Can My Employer Force Me to Drive in Dangerous Conditions?

Due to the Surface Transportation Assistance Act, employers cannot force drivers to work in dangerous conditions. However, this only applies in some cases.







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