Our Mission

Respect, Reliability, and a Commitment to the Future.

Respect for our Clients

Here at Tingen & Williams we recognize that every client deserves compassion, dignity, and respect. For that reason, our firm strives to speak with and about each client in a positive way, provide all of our clients flexible payment options, and return phone calls within one business day.

We firmly believe that these behaviors cultivate an environment where our clients can truly believe that we have their best interests at heart.

Reliability for our Employees

We feel that in order to provide the best possible service for our clients, we must first create the best possible work environment for our employees. At Tingen & Williams we take great strides to ensure high morale and self-esteem among attorneys and staff.

Further, all attorneys meet once a week to plan and discuss future improvements about the firm as well as listen to feedback from clients and staff.

These efforts help to create a positive work experience for everyone, and our commitment to improving the lives our attorneys and staff helps open their options up when assisting our clients as well.

Technology for our Future

We recognize that in an increasingly digital age, the 21st century law firm must embrace the latest technological standards and tools to stay relevant. For this reason, we spend a good deal of time and resources on providing the best possible digital experience for our clients, ranging from digital forms to the collection of articles in our extensive Knowledge Base.

This emphasis on technology helps us to maintain a competitive edge in a changing marketplace and assists our clients in getting the information they need quickly and easily. We are further committed to training all of our staff and attorneys in the newest and most relevant tech so that they can continue to provide the best possible experience to our online user-base.

Our Commitment

These two commitments may seem unusual in a law firm setting, but experience has shown us that these commitments help create an exceptional law firm culture and provides value not only for clients, but for members of the firm as well. We work every day to make the legal process as easy as possible for our clients, while also promoting a healthy environment for everyone involved.

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