Welcome to the United States, we’ll make your immigration process easy.

At its core, immigration law is a practice which attempts to make travel between nations easier. No matter the reason for your visit–whether for a short business trip, a vacation, or even to live and work here permanently–you need to understand the laws and regulations put in place for visitors to the United States. The job of the immigration attorney is to guide individuals, families, and businesses through this maze of red tape so they can simply enjoy their time in the country without the hassle of dealing with the bureaucracy that comes along with it.

At Tingen & Williams, we pride ourselves on our ability to give assistance to immigrants coming to the United States for any reason. Using innovative immigration strategies, as well as our extensive experience in immigration law, we’ll take the stress out of your immigration process and allow you to enter the country both quickly and safely.

We are experienced in both business and family-based immigration, as well as the permanent residency process an many other specific areas of immigration law. Our clients have included professional businessmen, individuals seeking asylum, and whole families trying to create a better life for themselves.

Furthermore, our job doesn’t end once you get to the country, but extends into advice on how to navigate everyday hurdles immigration might throw at you such as taxes, registration with local governments, and social insurance matters.

In our increasingly global world, immigration attorneys are a valuable resource for anyone looking to travel between countries. Here at Tingen & Williams, we believe that every client deserves the very best legal advice available, and strive every day to give the best possible service to the people who honor us with their business.

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