7 Things to Look For in a Virginia Family Law Attorney

What qualities should you look for in you Virginia family law attorney? Seven of the most important qualities are outlined below.

Last updated on October 22nd, 2018

7 Things to Look For in a Virginia Family Law Attorney

A lot goes into choosing the perfect Virginia family law attorney. You will want to be sure that the person you choose will work well with you, can handle your unique situation, and ultimately make the process run smoothly from beginning to end.

How can you find someone this perfect?

Well, it is possible with a little work. You can get started by thinking about what qualities mean the most to you when choosing an ally. Still don’t know where to start? We have a few considerations listed below to help you get on your way.


You will want experience on your side. Too often you hear of the friend who got the worst deal in history because their inexperienced Virginia family law attorney was rolled over by the seasoned veteran. Don’t let this happen to you. Search for a Virginia family law attorney who specializes in the field you need—child support enforcement, divorce, child custody.

When you sit down for the first time with a potential attorney, treat the consultation like an interview. Ask them about their experience in the field. If they have good results, they certainly will not hesitate to tell you about it.


Look for a Virginia family law attorney who is respected in the community. Do your homework. Ask around. The more people you find willing to refer you to a particular Virginia family law attorney, the more respected they are.

So ask friends, ask lawyers you have used in the past, turn to the internet for guidance.

Look for former client reviews. See if other attorneys have endorsed this particular Virginia family law attorney. Find out whether he is active in the community or if he is published. Most importantly, check with the Virginia Bar Association to see if he has any formal complaints filed against him. You can find that information here.

Level Headed

Unfortunately, many family law situations can be extremely stressful. Tensions and emotions run high. Sometimes the strongest quality in a room is the ability to remain level headed. Too often attorneys lose their cool in the heat of it all. You will want an attorney who you find to be level headed. Keeping cool in the toughest of situations will ensure that he or she will remain clear headed when it matters most.

While this is a hard quality to gauge outright. You may be able to get an idea of an attorney’s level headedness by searching around social media. You can also get an idea by challenging something the lawyer says during the interview. Tell him he is wrong about the law or complain about the price and see how he responds. In any event, should you find you hired a hot head, you may want to consider finding new counsel.


A major consideration for anyone hiring a Virginia family law attorney is how much you can afford to spend. The costs associated with family law matters can vary greatly as can the fees attorneys will charge to do the same work.

The key is to decide how much you can and are willing to spend and then find the best attorney you can in that price range. When you meet with the attorney look around the office to see if they may spend more than they should, or if they work cost effectively. You will also want to consider whether they offer a payment plan.


You do not want to work with a robot. This can be a rough time in your life. You, at the very minimum, want an attorney who will not lull you sleep with concepts or confuse you with Latin legal jargon. Sure, the distinctions between a divorce a Mensa and a divorce a Vinculo can make riveting dinner party conversation. But at the rate you are paying your Virginia family law attorney, you may rather simply discuss it off the clock over a coffee.


You want an advocate who will fight for you when things get tough. To stand up for your rights. To protect your interests. You will want to find a Virginia family law attorney who will be there for you when you need them the most.

This quality is especially important in matters that will be adversarial. You do not want to get the short end of the stick because your Virginia family law attorney was steam rolled by a more dominate personality.

Family Oriented

Perhaps one of the most overlooked qualities of a stellar Virginia family law attorney is being family oriented. This particular area of law is designed wholly with the family in mind. The conflicts arising are not unique to you, but are universal across many families. You want an attorney who understands the gravity of the situation. Who knows how stressful and how painful it can be.

You want to trust that your family lawyer understands your needs and motivations.


Ultimately, you want to find yourself an attorney who best fits your needs at the time. Ideally, he or she will be a balance of many of the qualities above. Remember, no two lawyers are alike, but no two family law matters are the same either. Some Virginia family law attorneys will be better suited to handle your divorce while others will fare better at handling you child custody and support.

In the end, it is all about working with someone who is professional, affordable, and easy to work with. Still do not know where to start? Consider giving us a chance. We offer free initial consultations and our staff would be happy to serve you with all your family law matters, so schedule your consultation today.

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