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We specialize in helping immigrants pursue a better life in the United States. No matter the reason for your visit, we can help you with all your immigration law needs.

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Family Law

Family law cases are often difficult and stressful affairs. Our attorneys will work around the clock to resolve your case as quickly and easily as possible.

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Intellectual Property

From copyright and infringement cases to trademarks and marketing materials, we have the knowledge you need to protect your intellectual property rights.

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Our Mission

We deliver quality legal representation to clients who need help navigating a complex and often confusing legal system.

Our attorneys and staff are committed to promoting access to justice in our local community and beyond through our detailed online guides, affordable payment plans, and client-centered approach to each and every case.

Who We Are

We’re a collection of experienced attorneys, dedicated support staff, and savvy tech professionals. We’re innovators, difference makers, and advocates for justice.

Most importantly, we’re a group of people who genuinely want to help our neighbors with their legal problems.

Our attorneys recognize that the ones who need legal services the most are often the ones who can afford it the least.

At Tingen & Williams, we’re trying to correct this problem.

How We Can Help

Lawyers are, at their core, people with experience in solving problems.

Some lawyers spend their time performing research, drafting legal documents, and arguing with other attorneys on the behalf of their clients.

We take a slightly different approach.

Our firm is committed to the singular goal of solving legal problems for our clients in a way that makes the entire process as affordable and painless as possible.

From our free online legal guides to our promise to always call back within one business day, our attorneys take a client-first approach to legal services by focusing on the ways we can solve the most common problems people have with law firms.

For our clients, this means quick responses from our attorneys, affordable billing practices, and the comfort that our firm has their best interests in mind at all times.

Combined with our bilingual staff and years of experience in navigating complicated immigration, family law, and intellectual property law issues, this client-first approach has led to over 225 positive Google reviews, thousands of satisfied clients, and a reputation in Richmond for being one of the best law firms to work with.

If you’re interested in hiring our firm please give us a call at (804) 477-1720 to speak with one of our attorneys about your case.

We hope you choose to retain our firm for your legal matter, and thank you for taking the time to #lawyerup with us!

Client-First Approach

Review Our Client Solutions

Public Charge Simplified

Our firm offers a streamlined green card application service for the immediate relatives of current U.S. citizens. Save time and money by applying through Public Charge Simplified!


Access is a monthly subscription retainer service that provides you with many of the benefits of hiring attorney without the complications or costs. Resolve traffic tickets, schedule free consultations, and more with Access!

Access for Content Creators

As a part of our Access to Justice initiative, our firm has created an Access plan specifically for content creators, streamers, and artists. Learn more about the special benefits you gain with Access!

Attorney Spotlight

Jacob Tingen

Jacob graduated from the University of Richmond School of Law and was accepted to the Virginia Bar in 2012. Less than 30 days after being admitted to the bar, Jacob launched his own legal practice.

Promoting Access to Justice

What You Get When You Hire Tingen & Williams

We take pride in offering a high level of service to each and every one of our clients, no matter their legal matter.

By hiring our attorneys to represent you in your legal matter you’ll gain the following features, benefits, services, and much, much more:

Best Immigration Lawyers in Richmond

Fast Response Times

Our firm has a policy of responding to all business communications within one business day, guaranteed.

Client-Focused Solutions

We tailor our solutions to the needs of our clients. You’ll always know exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Online Forms

Take advantage of our online forms to communicate with your attorney, upload documents, and reduce the overall cost of your case.

Experienced Attorneys

Our attorneys have resolved thousands of immigration, family law, and intellectual property cases.

Data Security

Our firm follows data security best practices such as two-factor authentication and regular backups to ensure your data is safe on our servers.

Transparent Billing

At Tingen & Williams you’ll always know where your money is going. Our transparent online billing practices will help keep you in the loop in your case.

Bilingual Staff

Most of our staff is fluent in Spanish and perfectly happy to discuss your case in your native language if you’d feel more comfortable communicating that way.

Free Access Subscription

After we resolve your case you’ll get 3 free months of Access to cover any follow-up questions or legal issues you might have.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Read what some of our clients have to say about our firm.


Sonia Hernandez

“Do you know how hard it is to find a lawyer that you can trust? I’m always telling people about Tingen & Williams. Jacob [Tingen] has been our lawyer for 3 years now and he is excellent. He has been great for us, the very best. I wouldn’t be in school right now if it wasn’t for Jacob. Tingen & Williams really is number 1.”
Jorge Herrera

Jorge Herrera

“Well, you guys treat people well. You always look for a way to help your clients. You give great information. You do your best to help the hispanic population. You give us confidence that we will get what you say. You gave me confidence throughout my case that things would turn out well, and I would recommend you to everyone who needs a lawyer.”

Liliana Ornelas

“I am very pleased with the work Tingen and Williams and their staff have done for me and my family! I am now green card holder and the job was done fast and in a very efficient way! Thank you Tingen and Williams, I will continue to recommend you to all my friends and family.”

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Call us today at (804) 477-1720 to schedule a free phone consultation, or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch within one business day.

Our attorneys have a reputation for fast communication, affordable billing practices, and a commitment to the best interests of our clients.

The communication is quick and responsive. I keep recommending people because you give great service and you keep getting good results.
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Carmen Pelaez
Former Client
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Client Resources

We believe that good client relationships are based on informed and empowered clients.

For this reason, our firm maintains an extensive Knowledge Base where we publish articles, videos, and more about Virginia and Federal law.

Read from our growing list of more than 600 legal articles to learn more about topics such as immediate relative immigration petitions, Virginia divorce laws, copyright restrictions for eSport gamers, and more!

Legal Articles

Tingen & Williams is committed to creating excellent content so that you can find the answers to your important legal questions. Our Knowledge Base provides answers to over 500,000 visitors annually.

Free Downloadable Resources

Check out some of our firm’s free downloadable resources such as eBooks on complex legal topics, legal glossaries, templates, outlines, and much, much more.

Podcasts and Live Video

Our lawyers produce a variety of video and audio content that we hope can help our clients better understand their cases. Subscribe to us on Youtube or follow us on Twitch to learn more!

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We publish a monthly newsletter to keep our followers updated on what’s going on around the firm. Get free access to our eBooks, legal guides, and more by joining our mailing list!

Learn More About What Sets Us Apart

Our attorneys and staff have the skills and experience you need to resolve your case both quickly and effectively.

Most importantly, we take a different approach to legal services by focusing on ways we can solve the most common problems people have with law firms:

Problem: It's hard to get in touch with my attorney.

At Tingen & Williams, we’ve made a commitment to always respond to client contacts within one business day.

When you’re already dealing with the stress of an important legal matter, quick and consistent communication is very important.

Whether you want a simple update or you want to better understand the strategy in your case, our attorneys and staff will keep you in the loop at every step of your case.

Problem: I've heard about attorneys that will promise one thing and then deliver another, so I'm worried about what to expect.

No attorney can guarantee a specific result in your case.

Instead, we aim to help clients understand every aspect of their case before moving forward.

There’s no such thing as a “sure-thing” in the legal world, but we’ll do our best to make sure you know what to expect before you step into the courtroom.

Problem: I never know what's going on in my case, and my attorney never explains anything.

We believe that an informed client is a happy client.

From our firm’s extensive Knowledge Base to our client-focused consultation structure, we’ve developed our business around making sure our clients understand the ins and outs of their specific legal matter.

Problem: Attorneys are too expensive, and I'm worried that I won't understand where my money is going.

We believe in giving everyone access to justice, and we try to reflect this ideal in every aspect of our practice.

For this reason, we’ve taken steps to make the legal process as affordable and accessible as possible for all of our clients.

While it’s no secret that some types of cases can get expensive quickly, our attorneys ensure you only pay for the services you need.

Further, our transparent billing practices can help you know ahead of time exactly where your money is going.